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The Best Co-working Spaces in Brighton & Hove 2023 – Part 1

In the vibrant city of Brighton & Hove, where creativity and collaboration thrive, freelancers or remote worker seeking the perfect co-working space, are well catered for. At JetSpace we don’t offer co-working, and instead provide serviced office space in Brighton and Shoreham, so you might wonder why we’re publishing a post promoting co-working spaces?

Well ultimately we believe that everyone is different when it comes to picking where you get your best work done. Some people are better served by co-working spaces rather than dedicated offices. And for those who prefer their own private space and a dedicated business address, we’re very happy to help! Take a look at our previous post on the pros and cons of serviced office space vs remote working if you’d like to know more.

Brighton Co-working Options

Brighton offers a plethora of attractive co-working options that cater to every need and preference. Whether you’re looking for a fixed desk or a flexible arrangement, our lively seaside city has got you covered. So let’s dive in and discover the best co-working spaces in Brighton & Hove, weighing up their pros and cons.


Projects co working space and cafe in The Lanes, Brighton

Still a relative newcomer in the city, Projects has expanded from its original space in Ship Street, taking on a new building just around the corner in Nile Street. Both buildings have been refurbished to a very high standard and feel clean and modern. There are also staffed cafes in both buildings offering hot drinks and snacks throughout most of the day.

One thing we particularly like about Projects is their private phone booths for making and taking calls, along with their having a dedicated quiet space for those who wish to work without distraction. Co-workers can choose to sit among the hubbub or choose the peace of the quiet space. They can also relax on the sun trap roof terrace when the weather’s playing ball!

Costs: Memberships for the smaller building on Ship Street start from £100 per month, whereas if you’d like access to both uildings (inclusing the new one with its onsite gym) you can pay £175 per month, which allows you 80 hours of coworking time.

Pros: Both buildings are slap bang in the middle of the historic Lanes, right in the heart of Brighton. So location wise it couldn’t be better. The gym in their Nile Street site is a real winner too. Plus being so close to the beach they’ve got free to hire paddleboards!

Cons: It can get a bit expensive if you plan to use their spaces a lot.

Find out more: https://www.projectsclub.co.uk/


This is the more casual sister brand to office space giant Regus. Their co-working and serviced office building is in the Trafalgar Place office complex by the station.

It’s a nice modern building that has been thoughtfully decorated, with meeting rooms and breakout spaces alongside regular tables and booths.

Being part of Regus does give it a slightly more corporate feel than some of the independent organisations running co-working spaces in the city. Plus there are benefits to having a membership given their phenomenal global presence. If you ever work away then no matter where you do you’re bound to find a Regus space you can utilise, you have the right membership.

Costs: It starts at £89 a month for 5 days access or you can buy 10 days for £139. f you choose a dedicated desk for £325 you can take advantage of their 3,000+ other co-working spaces across the world which could very well appeal to those who travel frequently for work.

Pros: Another good location being right next to the station and in amongst the hustle and bustle of North Laine. You’ll certainly never go short seeking a quick bite to eat at lunchtime with more cafes, delis and restuarants than you can shake a stick at.

Cons: This place doesn’t have the same casual vibe of Projects or PLATF9RM (see below) which are very big on their community building. That’s not to say everyone will consider this a bad thing and if you just want a well located, clean, modern space to plop your laptop for a few hours, it absoltely ticks all the boxes

Find out more: https://www.spacesworks.com/brighton/trafalgar-place/

Werks Group

Werks Group Pier Werks office location on Old Steine, Brighton
Pier Werks in Grand Parade, Brighton

These guys are all over the city, with 10 different locations (including one in Lewes too). More than your traditional office space provider, Werks Group also offer recording studio space and crafting/makers studios for artists and designers.

When it comes to co-working they have three locations within Brighton and Hove: in the Lanes on Middle Street, right near the pier on Old Steine and another on Church Road in Hove.

Now these buildings are all very old and haven’t had the same level of refurbishment that some of their rivals have put into their own decrepit buldings. You’ll also find less of the very-obviously-set-up-for-co-workers type of workstations. In fact often you’ll just be sat on a table in a quiet cafe without a nearby plug socket!

Costs: They offer unlimited access to all of their co-working locations for a monthly fee of £160 though it doesn’t appear they have any other plans.

Pros: Well there’s loads of them! And they’re all in great locations. The costs for all you can eat access across all their locations is pretty good value too.

Cons: Well they just aren’t set up quite as well as some of their rivals. You won’t find pristine new workbenches covered in sockets and USB ports, so it’s much more, shall we say, rustic.

Find out more: https://www.werksgroup.org.uk/coworking

This is just part one and we’ll be back with a follow up post looking at some of the other co-working spaces around town.

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