Why Shoreham-by-Sea is the Hidden Gem for Small Businesses in Sussex

Entrepreneurs seeking the perfect place to establish their small or medium businesses in Sussex should look no further than sunny Shoreham-by-Sea. This hidden gem offers a host of advantages for companies, with its cost-effective serviced office spaces, easy parking, wide range of shops and services, great transport links and fabulous views. In contrast to nearby Brighton, Shoreham boasts a slower pace of life while still providing an inviting environment for both work and living. It’s also considerably cheaper to operate a business from than the big city next door!.

We may be biased but let’s delve into the myriad reasons why Shoreham is the ideal location for businesses looking to thrive in a supportive community with picturesque surroundings.

Discovering Shoreham-by-Sea

Embracing Shoreham’s Charm for Businesses

Shoreham-by-Sea embodies a unique allure that is particularly attractive to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Its vibrant yet relaxed atmosphere creates a perfect setting for businesses that prioritise a positive work-life balance. Shoreham’s charm is not just in its picturesque views but also in its community spirit—local businesses receive a warm welcome and ongoing support from the residents and other enterprises.

This sense of belonging fosters a collaborative environment where businesses can network and grow together. The town’s cultural vibe, accentuated by its variety of local shops, bars and eateries, provides an ideal backdrop for businesses looking to build their brand in a location that reflects their values of quality and authenticity. In embracing Shoreham’s charm, businesses find a place where they can operate successfully while enjoying the benefits of a community-oriented town.

Finding Suitable Space for SMEs

For SMEs, finding the right office space is crucial for both operational efficiency and employee satisfaction. In Shoreham, the availability of serviced office spaces that are both cost-effective and flexible make it an attractive option for growing companies. These offices provide flexible lease terms, which are ideal for businesses that are scaling up and require adaptable solutions.

Additionally, many of these workspaces come equipped with essential amenities, reducing the overhead costs typically associated with kitting out a new workspace. Shoreham’s commitment to supporting SMEs is evident in its development of office spaces that cater to a variety of business needs, from solo entrepreneurs to larger teams. The convenience of these serviced offices, combined with Shoreham’s great transport links, easy parking and overall slower pace of life, offers a compelling package for SMEs seeking a new home.


Comparing Shoreham and Brighton: A Tale of Two Seaside Hotspots

Getting In and Out

In the comparison between Shoreham and Brighton, one of Shoreham’s standout features is its ease of parking compared with the driver challenging environment of Brighton —a significant advantage for businesses who expect to welcome their clients. Unlike the often congested streets of Brighton, Shoreham-by-Sea offers ample parking spaces, reducing the daily stress of finding a spot and allowing more time for productivity. In fact you’re considerably more likely to find office space with included or easily accessible parking available in Shoreham whereas only the biggest city centre blocks will have any included spaces for tenants in Brighton, and you can bet they come at a hefty premium!

Complementing this convenience is Shoreham’s impressive transport infrastructure. The town benefits from a well-connected train station providing swift and regular services to key destinations, including Brighton and London. For those who prefer to drive, the proximity to major roadways like the A27 makes commuting and business travel more efficient. These great transport links ensure that Shoreham is well-positioned for businesses that value accessibility and ease for their employees and visiting clients.

Of course there’s also a port and an airport too. If you fancy a commute via helicopter it’s hard to imagine anywhere better!

Budget Considerations

In contrast to the higher prices of Brighton, Shoreham offers businesses the opportunity to work in pleasant, modern environments without the premium cost. These modern workspaces are designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses, providing high-speed internet, conference facilities and flexible work areas. Additionally, office space in Shoreham-by-Sea is often equipped with shared amenities such as kitchens and breakout areas, which foster a collaborative atmosphere.

By choosing Shoreham, businesses can manage their budgets more effectively while still providing their teams with a professional and inspiring work environment. The balance of affordability and modernity in Shoreham’s office spaces is a compelling reason for businesses to consider setting up their operations in this hidden gem.

Brighton Vs Shoreham: A Contrast in Pace

Another noticeable difference between charming Shoreham and the city is the pace of life. Brighton is known for its bustling streets and lively atmosphere, which can be invigorating but also overwhelming. Shoreham, on the other hand, offers a slower pace that many business owners and employees find refreshing and conducive to focused work. This relaxed tempo allows for deeper concentration and less distraction, leading to greater productivity and well-being.

Not to mention, the slower pace in Shoreham can translate to stronger relationships with local customers and other businesses, as people tend to take the time to engage more meaningfully. For businesses looking to build a loyal customer base and a tight-knit community network, Shoreham-by-Sea presents an environment where this is naturally encouraged by the town’s more gentle rhythm of life.

More than Work: The Lifestyle Advantage of Shoreham

Enjoying the Fabulous Views: Work and Pleasure Combined

One of the most captivating aspects of Shoreham-by-Sea is its stunning natural landscape, offering fabulous views that are not just a feast for the eyes but also a boon for the mind. Businesses in Shoreham benefit from having scenic backdrops that can inspire creativity and provide a tranquil setting for both work and breaks. Imagine taking a midday stroll along the riverside or gazing out at the South Downs during a brainstorming session—such moments can significantly boost morale and productivity.

The ability to combine work with the pleasure of being in a beautiful environment is a luxury that Shoreham delivers effortlessly. For businesses that value the well-being of their employees, Shoreham’s picturesque setting is more than just a perk; it’s an integral part of a work culture that nurtures satisfaction and success.

Of course, beautiful Brighton has plenty of splendid seafront to take in when you’re out for a lunch time stroll, but unless it’s howling out, you’re unlikely to get that space to yourself!

A Bustling High Street

Shoreham-by-Sea’s high street is a hub of activity, offering an array of shopping and dining options that cater to a diverse set of preferences. Its bustling nature is a testament to the town’s thriving local economy and community spirit. Businesses located near or on the high street find themselves in the heart of the action, benefiting from the foot traffic and visibility that comes with such a prime location.

The variety of independent shops and restaurants adds to the town’s charm and draws both locals and visitors, which can be particularly beneficial for businesses looking to increase engagement and brand awareness. The high street is not only a place for commerce but also a social space where business owners and patrons can interact, strengthening the sense of community that is so characteristic of Shoreham-by-Sea. If you’re looking to entertain clients, you’re spoiled for choice in Shoreham, whether your’e after a casual Italian meal, drinks at a trendy bar or a full high end dining experience at a seafront seafood restaurant.

Office space at Hangar 4

Do We Have an Ulterior Motive?

All right, JetSpace offer high quality serviced office space in Shoreham so it stands to reason we’d want to promote the place. But we work here too, because it’s so nice! And you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ve got plenty of happy tenants happy to share their glowing testimonials extolling the virtues of this fabulous spot for laying down roots, be they business or otherwise.

We currently have limited suites available within our building on the site of the historic Shoreham Airport, many of which have direct views of the runway! So not only do business tenants of JetSpace Shoreham get to enjoy the many great benefits that the town has to offer, they can even indulge their aviation fanaticism by plane spotting when not deep in work!

Brighton City Airport (as it’s now officially known) is a fantastic place for new and established companies. There are many different businesses operating from the site, plenty of which have no connection with aviation. They just love the setting, the great rates and the ease of access (did we mention the free parking?)

So if you’re in the market for a new place to call home for your business, Shoreham is calling. Get in touch if you’d like to view one of our serviced offices to rent at Shoreham airport, or just to chat about Shoreham life!

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