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Best Gyms in Brighton

When it comes to keeping active in Brighton & Hove we’re lucky enough to have plenty of options. Not only is the city packed with leisure facilities such as pools, sports halls and gyms but we’re surrounded by some of the finest Sussex countryside for hiking or cycling within the beautiful South Downs. Not only that but the miles of unspoiled coastline give residents and visitors alike easy access to the sea for swimming and energetic water sports such as kayaking and paddleboarding.

If you’re somebody who appreciates an active lifestyle then Brighton is a great place to be based with plenty of choice to help you reach your fitness goals. But with so much choice how do you pick the gym that’s right for you? The many local gyms vary from small and friendly to huge and soulless but everybody’s individual needs will be different. Costs vary wildly too and it’s important to ensure you’re getting value from your gym membership, depending on the features that matter most to you.

With all of this in mind we’ve run through some of the top options for local gyms within Brighton. Whether you want a cheap and convenient place to do weights or you’re after a club with more of a community feel and classes where you can meet other people, hopefully one of our recommended gyms will be the right choice for you.

Alive Gym in Brighton. One of Brighton's best gyms


This super friendly gym is nestled away on a side road behind the main Western Road shopping area. Spread across two floors it has all the usual cardio and strength training equipment you’d expect in a fairly compact overall space. It’s certainly not the biggest or flashiest of gyms but there are few that will rival it for friendliness and quality of service. The team running Alive are absolutely lovely and all appear to genuinely love what they do so you can be sure of a smile every time you enter.

The building itself and the majority of the equipment is a little dated but this shouldn’t detract from what is a great place for a workout. They also host daily classes including strength and flexibility training as well as yoga, which are open to members and non-members alike.

It’s open 7:30am to 8pm weekdays and 10am to 3:30pm on weekends so night owls or particularly early risers may find it’s not suitable but for most it provides ample time for a pre or post work session, depending on your schedule. Membership is a flat £30 per month for anytime access and there’s no commitment required so you can cancel at any time. Classes cost extra and discounts are available for students and seniors.

Alive Gym

25-27 Castle Street

The Gym Group

This well-known national chain of no-frills gyms has three sites in the city. The first one is right on the seafront just East of the Palace Pier whilst a second was opened on London Road and Hove now has one too, on Blatchington Road.

The major advantages with Gym Group gyms are the low costs and 24/7 access. Memberships at both the London Road and Madeira Drive sites are currently available for £23.99 per month, with round the clock access and free exercise classes included. The Hove site is a bit more expensive at £26.99 per month but as it’s the newest site it’s currently in a very fresh state and all the equipment is brand new. There is also a membership option giving you access to all of the group’s gyms if you’re regularly away from home. They have over 200 sites across the UK and can be found in most major cities

The Hove site may be newest but both of the other sites are also very well stocked with modern equipment and the company is very good at keeping their kit up to date so you shouldn’t have to worry about tired old machines being out of action. They all have a heavy focus on cardio equipment so there are plenty of treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes however at busier times you may find demand is quite high for the more limited supply of free weights and resistance machines.

Because these gyms get so busy at peak times (7am to 9am and 5pm to 8pm) if you’re someone whose schedule allows for being able to make the most of that 24-hour access you may want to avoid the most crowded times. That said, these are all big cavernous sites packed with equipment so it’s rare they’re so busy you can’t at least get on the cardio machines.

The Gym Group

The Terraces, Madeira Drive

97-104 London Road

84-88 Blatchington Road

Green Gym in Brighton. The sustainability focused gym that's one Brighton's best gyms

Green Gym

This small, friendly gym with a difference can be found on St James’ Street and as the name suggests it’s dedicated to sustainability. Not only do they have initiatives such as banning single use plastics and reducing their carbon footprint, they actually generate green energy from gym-goers using their exercise equipment! So the harder you work the more renewable energy you’re putting back into the grid.

It’s definitely not on the same scale as the huge Gym Group gyms but it also feels far less crowded at busy times and there’s more of a community spirit. Plus you can enjoy the warm glow of doing your bit for the environment by being a member here.

The cheapest memberships require a commitment of 6 months, where they’ve undercut the budget Gym Group gyms with a cost of just £21.95 per month. However if you want total flexibility a rolling 30 day membership that can be cancelled at any time costs £32.95 per month. The gym is open every day from 6am to 10pm and is busiest between 5pm and 7pm.

Green Gym Group

39-40 St James’ Street

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